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Every year, termites provide the damage of billions of dollars in America. Termites problem in a house or property is very common, they can easily get infest and can quickly spread in your house. Dealing with termites can be difficult if the infestation gets bad. That’s why you need to call professionals to get rid of them. At Ehrlich Pest & Termite Control you will get the best, safe, secure and 100% satisfied services. 

On contacting us, our team experts will reach out to help you with the termites’ problems. You can also schedule a free termite inspection and our expert will conduct a detailed inspection of your property at your convenience. 

Introduction of Ehrlich Pest & Termite Control

Established in 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control was founded by Julius C. Ehrlich in Reading, Pennsylvania. It is a successful family-owned business, serving residential and commercial services for more than 90 years. Ehrlich is one of the fastest-growing industries in America and providing the best and quality services with advanced technology and methods. 

Ehrlich has skillful, well-trained, and experienced professionals, these professionals are committed to providing the 100% effective and top-quality services. We also ensure the safety and protection of your family and the environment. That’s why we use the best quality and eco-friendly products and chemicals to treat the termites. 

Ehrlich Pest & Termite Control Service Treatment

Our termite specialists are well-trained and experienced in handling any kind of termite infestation. Unlike other pests, Termites need more effort and attention. As one undetected termite colony can again spread into the house or property. Our motto is to give you the best and effective services, that’s why we provide the best team to make your place pests free. We serve 2 methods for removing pest, which includes: 

1. Termite treatments: baiting and monitoring

We provide this service at almost no inconvenience to the customers or property owners. Our experts determine modest termite bait stations, where they placed baits around the perimeter of a property because of the natural foraging behavior they mostly enter from that place. As the termite will feed them baits and transfer it to the other termites, they will gradually die in large numbers. These baits can kill almost all termites in the colony. Our experts monitor the treatment, till all the termites’ colonies are completely removed.

2. Conventional termite treatment

In this treatment requires liquid termiticide to treat the termites. Our conventional termite treatment is one of the successful liquid termiticide treatment. This liquid termiticide is used inside and outside infected areas based on the infestation level. 

Types of Termites – 

There are around 45 species of termites in America, but we encounter only 3 types of termites. These termites are as given below:

  1. Subterranean termites – It is the most common termite founded in North America. These termites do not create mud tubes, unlike other termites.   
  2. Dampwood Termite – Dampwood termites create mud tubes and build colonies inside the woods. These are typically found in dead plants and log as they live in moist. 
  3. Drywood Termites – Drywood termites do not live in the ground like subterranean termites. They make their colonies in the wood. A single colony contains around 2500 termites. They feed them woods and wooden supported beams, floors and walls.